Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Weeks Delish!

I'm sooo excited to be back up and blogging! I know that last week I missed sharing with you, all the amazing recipes that I've been finding online, but this week I have things put back together and I am ready to go again.

It's FALL.... holidays are right around the corner! Let's get those seasonal recipes rolling!!!

  • Oh pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin... I'd like to point out that pumpkin is just as good savory as it is sweet. Here's a nice cross- a pumpkin yeast bread! You can make it sweet with a jam or honey butter or you can just slather on some cream cheese or plain butter. 

  • Here is something sooo clever that is meant for Halloween! Jell-O worms made from straws... so smart.

  • One day... one day I will make pumpkin cheesecake. That is, when I have enough people around to make sure that I won't eat the whole thing by myself.

  • THIS recipe here, it's genius. Have you ever made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies before? Well they always come out cakey. This blogger found a fantastic way to make chewy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! 

  • Here is another Halloween idea for those of you that have kids and want to do something fun to celebrate! Mummy Dogs. This blogger has a whole collection of fun things. Check it out.

This Weeks Pick

And Finally, the dish that I recommend you try from this weeks repertoire- 

Everybody always goes on about oreo truffles... cake balls... well I'm sure those people haven't tried these! I mean hello! Cookie dough truffles...

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