Saturday, October 29, 2011

This Weeks Delish!

Halloween weekend is officially upon us! Unfortunately my daughter is so young that I wasn't able to have her help me make any fun Halloween treats, but hopefully some of you were able to share that experience with your kids. Next year I will join you! haha Until then, here are some fun filled recipes that I found:

  • This recipe does require a special tin, but aren't they cute? And who doesn't love pumpkin cake!?

  • This recipe is not only a great looking craft, but how delicious do they sound... oreo pumpkin cheesecakes? And with the orange creme oreo's, they are just a perfect Halloween dessert.

  • This is a very clever recipe! If you are a big decadent treat fan than you'll love these pumpkin truffles, which are like little balls of pumpkin pie dipped in white chocolate. 

  • Here is an easy effect to achieve for those of you that aren't too crafty in the kitchen. All you need to do is make circles with some melted white chocolate and then drag a toothpick outward and you have a spiderweb a top delicious brownie bites! Easy, right?

  • Look- ghost pop's! Adorable. Plus, they are black velvet cake pops with cream cheese frosting.. you can't more delicious than that. And if making your own cake and frosting is too complex, just borrow the decorative ghost idea. You can always make cake pops from the box mix and the frosting can.

This Weeks Pick:

No doubt in my mind, I have to encourage you to make homemade bagels. They were incredible. And they are not as difficult as they seem. Once you make them, you will realize that and be so thankful you took the challenge. Do it, I dare you!

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