Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Weeks Delish: June 18, 2011

Oh wow, this week has FLOWN by! And I feel so disorganized about it too... We're going to be moving in just about a month and my head is swimming with so many thoughts I want to scream! And just thinking about making groceries lists and meals is almost tormenting me... but I made it through the week! Just a few more left- and then a hiatus from the blog as we fly across the Atlantic to our new home in Germany!
  • I've never heard of wacky cake before, but I like the idea. Apparently it's this nice little cake that is eggless which can be mixed up right in the pan. Definitely a cute idea to do with 
  • Wow, I loooove this! Instead of using rice krispies for the usual treat, this blogger uses oreo's for a no bake chewy cookies & cream bar! Get it? SO cool... 
  • This may seem weird but I prefer stovetop macaroni and cheese to baked macaroni and cheese any day. It's much creamier! 
  • You WILL see this here soon. What an awesome awesome idea to make a cake that is a flag when you cut into it! 
  • Instead of making the usual zucchini bread with all that zucchini, why not try a zucchini chocolate cake? What a great alternative! And it looks sooo moist! 
This Weeks Pick:

Another tough pick this week... however I had to pick a winner so I am going with the michigan sauce. It's my favorite way to eat a hot dog and honestly, who doesn't like hot dogs? For a while there I wouldn't eat them since they aren't too good for you. Then I tried the Hebrew National Brand- WOW! They are amazing. I encourage you to try them if you haven't. More importantly, I encourage you to try this sauce. 

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