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This Weeks Delish: May 14, 2010

Another week, here and gone! Boy time flys when you're busy in the kitchen. Hope you've enjoyed this weeks posts I've made, I know I sure had fun whipping them up. Now here are some great one's that I've found on other blogger sites.

Cooking Blog Finds:
  • I love the idea of this Pesto Pizza. Not only is pesto delicious but this recipe has you add in a bit of spinach, which is a sneaky way to add veggies into your diet. I am all about sneaking more veggies in any way you can without sacrificing taste!
  • Oh My Goodness!! This Cannoli Cream Dip looks so goooood. I am definitely going to put this on my list of things to make in the future. It kind of mimic's the cream cheese dip that I made this past week, but with a totally different twist. Yummy : D
  • Decadence to the fourth degree, thy name is Cinnamon Roll Pancakes! I love myself some Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and these just emphasized the same flavors so well. This is definitely a rich dish though- I don't know if I could eat as many of these as a regular pancakes... haha yeah, yeah I could. Who am I kidding!
  • Once the sun starts shining and spring gets here my mind switches to fruit gear. If you're into fruity desserts this Peaches and Cream Cake is ideal! I try to get in a fair share of fruit desserts, but I can't get chocolatey desserts out of my mind...
  • Yessssss! These are going on my to do list too : D I am a HUGE s'mores fan- huge. I have to have at least 6 whenever I am placed in front of a campfire.  So these Graham Cracker S'mores Cookies look like the perfect treat to get a fix when the campfire is missing.

My Recipe Pick of the Week:

I am pretty fond of the Jam Cake that I made this week. The flavor was just something totally different than my usually go to recipe. And I am definitely the type of person that enjoy's something different every once in a while. Seriously, the flavors in this cake are really surprising. I expected it to taste like blackberries... but it didn't distinctly taste "blackberry" like. It tasted distinctly "jam" like- isn't that funny? And it also had a nice flavor undertone of butter. It was really, quite good. 

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